Thursday, July 26, 2012

Tool # 8, using the devices

We check out netbooks to our students in our school, and students are able to use the Angel LMS.  Netbooks are nice, I created my lessons online on Angel, where students can access the lesson, assignments, extra resources, collaborate with others and also turn in their assignments.  Most of the kids benefited by having the computer with them, and having online lessons as they can go back and watch the video or go over the PowerPoint, etc.

This year, each teacher is also getting 8 iPads per class. I am not sure how I will be using that in the classroom, since all my students will have their own netbooks. I did take one iPad home to play around and I have downloaded some free apps that my students can also use to learn science vocabulary or even prepare for SAT. I am enjoying the iPad, has lots of fun apps and also it is easy to carry.

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