Monday, June 11, 2012

Tool # 7, Collaborating

My Students will collaborate with students in other science class, and discuss the alternate energy resources.

Using Google docs presentation, they will create a slideshow, where the my class is going to write about the advantages and disadvantages about their alternative energy source.  The other science class students will explain how the alternate energy source is used to generate electricity.  

Tools # 6

This is similar to Tool five.

I have been using Skype for a long time, and have joined the Skype in the classroom.  In this students create and add new projects and also shared the resources with other students.

The other tool that I was trying to use was Edmodo, but I am not able to load the assignment and send it to people.

Tool # 5

I love the tools, I have used Animoto, Bookr, and few others.  Here is my attempt with


Video Maker - Powered by GoAnimate.

and a link to the Prezi

Tool # 4

I created a spreadsheet on Science Supplies, and shared it with other science teachers, so they can have access the supplies ordered.  I am also planning on adding another sheet that will have the inventory of the supplies in stock, and also one sheet on supplies that needs to ordered.

I also made a form, and sent it to two teachers.  I added a background, but it does not show in the google docs .

Tool # 3

You tube is blocked for our students, so I use the school tube and kids tube.  We used the school tube last year to look at the videos on how to design a pop-pop steam boat.  My students using the videos on School tube created the boat successfully.  They also added they own inventions while creating the boat.  This will a great tool for them to create their own video and their experience to share with others some challenges and how they worked around it.

Here is the video on pop pop steam boat, there are several parts to it and it is made from a soda can.
We use Angel learning system in our school and use the drop box for students to submit the assignments.

Tool #2

I enjoyed visiting the blogs.  I liked the Science for All blog, it had some insights on Science Standards.  I am definitely going to visit that in future.  I have few friends who blog, and I visit their blog frequently, some have a blog on their life and others on the subject they are teaching.

Tool # 1

It was fun making the blog and embedding the Voki.  I am ready for new adventures in 11 tools.  It will be great way to start the school year with a blog, where students introduce themselves.