Sunday, July 29, 2012

Tool #10 Digital Citizenship

Digital Citizenship is not easy to teach our students.  They have been using internet, since they were little kids, and think they know everything about technology and how to use it.  Three things I want to teach them are:

Being safe online. I am planing on using iSafe. Students use facebook, myspace, twitter, etc to post pics, comment on things, etc and they don't know how easy it to find information about them. I just want to teach them to be safe when commenting, or posting pictures.
Students also believe that everything they see on the internet is true, and I want teach them to validate the information and also how to effectively research on the internet.
I also want to teach them about being respectful, online bulling, and plagiarism.

We do monthly meeting in our school, maybe in one of our meeting we can explain to the parents about digital citizenship and how to help their child at home.

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  1. I also think that they forget that what they put on the internet is never truly erased.